Carniton Tablet


Extra Strength L-Carnitine For Fitness Support
Boost Your Metabolism and Increase Performance


The powerful energizer

L-carnitine has an important role in producing energy, namely by carrying fatty acids into the mitochondria in the body cells. L-carnitine is good for heart and brain function, muscle movement, as well as all processes that occur inside the body. Zinc is an essential mineral which help to increase the secretion of male sex hormones and raises the sperm count, so its combination with L-carnitine is useful for the fertility process.

L-carnitine (USP): 500mg

Vitamin E (USP): 30mg

Zinc oxide (USP): 22.5mg


1 tablet daily preferably with meals.


  •       Keep out of heat and sunlight
  •       Store below 30C
  •       Keep out of reach of childrens.


  • Unique combination of L-carnitine with zinc and vitamin E.
  •  Energy and immune booster
  •  All natural, non GMO, gluten free formula.

Yes, long term (6 month) carnitine supplementation can increase endurance performance.

Burns transport fatty acid to support cardiovascular health.

  •       Significantly boost the performance of athletes.
  •       Increase sperm count to support male fertility.
  •       Enhances muscle recovery.

It plays a major role in fat metabolism and helps to lose weight when combined with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

  • Childrens
  • Pregnant women
  • Breastfeeding
  • Thyroid patients
  • Seizures patients